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Memory Tracks

In this section you will see a selection of films  made over the years: experimental documentaries, poetic and sonic videos.   Unfortunately I have lost some work through the kaos;  between moving countries and the rapid change in format: these would include some works I was commissioned to do for a channel 4 series, (London UK ) featuring great poets the likes of STORME WEBBER.  Also, though I am able to link to some work here on this site, there will be some work that is left out.  Please check "about" section for further information Some of my work can be rented via THIRD WORLD NEWS REELCINENOVA, and FRAMELINE.  In anycase feel free to contact me for information.

It's important to note that many of my films both early and recent are based on writings or include writings within it; for example an early  film SHADES was inspired by a peice I published in AFREKETE (see writings section). As a result there will be some cross-over between sections.

The documentaries I have made over the years all have an experimental edge to them, some are single screen movies especially meant to help promote artists and creative projects (ie Pret a Partage & In The SEAMS,   an  IFA funded project where artists of the African Diaspora, including myself held interventions in africa & europe on themes relating to culture, fashion, and identity).







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Recent Exhibitions, Screenings,Residencies

Alchemy of Cuts-   Witches Expo at the Center for Contemporary Arts, Berlin, 2020/21:  Alchemy of Cuts is a sonic video in which I am am in "conversation" with Frida Khalo (Maria Fernando Garcia) while a digital portrait in  hommage of her    painting "the hair cut"   slowly morphs into a stripped away version of the "original".  See more about it ...

Audio Visual Anti-Lectures & Live Sonic Art Performances

Since as early as  2008, when asked to give a presentation on the essay "Locations of the Mothership",  I have been giving what I call "Audio -Visual Anti- Lectures",      The "anti-lecture"concept is driven by the philosophy/desire to  subvert  traditional pedagogical forms of sharing knowledge through a collision of academic readings/text, visual loops. sound bytes, and prose-etic narrative.    "Live Sonic Art" performances are in the same...