Audio Visual Anti-Lectures & Live Sonic Art Performances

Aint Nobody Caught Me, audio visual Anti lecture 2020

Since as early as  2008, when asked to give a presentation on the essay "Locations of the Mothership",  I have been giving what I call "Audio -Visual Anti- Lectures",      The "anti-lecture"concept is driven by the philosophy/desire to  subvert  traditional pedagogical forms of sharing knowledge through a collision of academic readings/text, visual loops. sound bytes, and prose-etic narrative.    "Live Sonic Art" performances are in the same family of the Anti-lecture, but it's primarily focused on story telling through audiovisual loops and poetic narrative.   Below are a select few. More references can be found on my cv posted under "about"

Ain't Nobody Body Caught Me, Feminist MagiX. Decolonial Inlets" the anti-lecture "afrofuture musiX",2020- an improvised Audio-Visual Anti-lecture,  “Ain’t nobody caught me,” pays tribute to god mothers of “black” music and her daughters, through parallel narrative. This audio-visual anti-lecture, focusing mostly on Black American music made by women, from blues to hip-hop and a bit of the in between, reimagines her cosmic presence from time into the continuum.  Find out more here.

Scout's Radio Transmissions featured in Julie Bèna's Who wants to be my horse?, Renne Biennial , 2019 -   I performed a Live Sonic Art Piece,  Scouts Radio Transmissions,  which was included as a part of Bènas piece  Who Wants to Be My Horse.  In this piece, "Scout" a butch dj, recounts her stories of seduction and being seduced. Find out more here

Queer Lands of  Here Anti LectureLes Ateliers de Renne Biennal 2018,  Me and the artist/dj Mo Laudi performed at the opening night of  this very exciting exhibition to a very receptive crowd.  Queer Lands of Here,  performed several times in several formations over the years,  speaks to futurity and queerness from the perspective of QTPOC.

SALT WATER N'ERGOS DEEP SEA NARRATIVES, audio visual anti-lecture, Doc Kingdom, Portugal 2017, Salt Water N’ergos'  Deep Sea Narratives is a truth story, posing as fiction, in which those who carry the "mark" or "cosmogram" have been receiving, in various forms transmissions, from their deep sea/deep-space  ancestors.   We learn through these transmissions that these deep sea  kin have rebirthed populations through knowledge of " residency time" (Sharpe 2016, pg 41) and  mutations  of stem cell alchemy.    Transmission 1: Humans verses Aliens,  uses a melange of original and sampled text, film, and  sound scape,  to resurface "Other worldly"  traces of resistance and resilience  from before this  age of the so called anthropocene and well beyond.   See  info here & here.

Native Daughter In Another Country Squatting Giovannis Room, Audio Visual Anti-Lecture; James Baldwin Conference, AUP, Paris 2016,  This anti-lecture I would later present again several times (including the Beta Salon,2017 and Black Gay Pride Paris 2018),  explores the intersectional narratives in a way that also speaks to futurities.  Find out More about it here.

FarNOW: We Go Back to The Future to Tell our Stories, Audio Visual Anti Lecture Now! Not Now, Conference, Vienna 2013 -   I was invited to participate in this conference on chrono-politics , to speak about the FAR (Fugitive Archetype of Resistance) narrative as it relates to  the dominant narrative around "time".  Using the FAR Narrative writings in progress,  I created a layered performative essay  with text &  sound bytes from WOC revolutionaries, futuristic authors, and artists to speak to our agency in Azonal spaces.  Speaks to memory, agency, futurity, and chronopolitics. More info here.







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Recent Exhibitions, Screenings,Residencies

Alchemy of Cuts-   Witches Expo at the Center for Contemporary Arts, Berlin, 2020/21:  Alchemy of Cuts is a sonic video in which I am am in "conversation" with Frida Khalo (Maria Fernando Garcia) while a digital portrait in  hommage of her    painting "the hair cut"   slowly morphs into a stripped away version of the "original".  See more about it ...

films /experimental videos/ experimental documentaries

In this section you will see a selection of films  made over the years: experimental documentaries, poetic and sonic videos.   Unfortunately I have lost some work through the kaos;  between moving countries and the rapid change in format: these would include some works I was commissioned to do for a channel 4 series, (London UK ) featuring great poets the likes of STORME WEBBER.  Also, though I am able to link to some work...