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Inter-disciplinary artist fortunate enough to have collaborated with many brilliant creatives across the globe. Mediums include written and spoken word, sound, and photography, film, video, text, and music.

 MA: Media, communications and culture- Goldsmiths, University of London, England BA: Film and Video -Columbia College, USA Undergrad: Journalism Major University of Missouri in Columbia, USA




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2020- Take BACK workshop-  (TBA), activism & Art, commissioned by ZAK, Berlin

2020- "Entropy", Expo, London   - "Intro to Cultural Skit-zo-frenia"

2020 Disturbance Exibition- Berlin commissioned for Sonic Art piece (Video)- "Alchemy of Cuts"

2019- Interzone podcast curator/host- live art/performance/lecture 

2019- present,  -Spoken Word Paris host 

2019-  Audio Visual Anti-Lecture , -  Hampshire college, arts school

2016-18  Squatting Gionvannis Room” , James Baldwin conference, AUP, Paris (audio-visual anti-lecture)/Beta Salon Paris

 "Anti-lecture Multiverse"- Un_University conference, Vienna

2015  "Alien VS Humans" - Black Market project , Musée de l'Homme

2014  Kunstruam Noe, COPIE COMFORME Exibition- mixed media art project

2013  Vienna Arts Institute, NOW NOT NOW conférence, - audio-visual anti-lecture/ video exhibition

2012  IFA (institute for foreign exchange, Berlin/stuttgart) BERLIN TEXTURES, workshop, residency, collaborative installations, Berlin, Germany

2011/12 IFA (institute for foreign exchange, Berlin/stuttgart)- IN THE SEAMS, conference, workshop conceived, realized, and documented, Johannesburg, South Africa

2010/11 IFA (institute for foreign exchange, Berlin/stuttgart)- IMBUZI workshop & documentary, Capetown South Africa

2009 IFA (institute for foreign exchange, Berlin/stuttgart) L'ESPRIT , Pret-a-partager, video documentary, Dakar Senegal

2009 145 THEATRE, residency for realization for audio-visual slam performance , DECODERECODE, Grenoble, France

2005 PROLOGUE: New Feminism, New Europe (commission TRANSNARRATIVES performance, installation, screening), Vienna, Austria

2004 ARTS COUNCIL, LONDON, Independent artists fund- production of TRANSNARRATIVES

2003 AIR-PORT Artist residency, Graz, TRANSNARRATIVES




Jamika Ajalon


selection of published work and publications

2021-       "Skye Papers," Novel, Feminist press, (june )

2020-       "Ressurection 2020" -  Paris Lit UP journal no 6

2020-       "Fluid Code" Anti-lecture essay published in collection, Opposing Colonialism, Antisemitism, and Turbo-nationalism, Cambridge Scholars

2019 -      "F.A.R. Space-ways; With out edges the center cannot exist in stasis, publishied in collection We Travel the Space Ways, transcript Press 

2019         "TAKE BACK THE NARRATIVE" , conceptual poetry book 

2017 -       Poem featured, Paris Lit UP journal no 5

2017-20 - Poems featured in  MAINTENANT: A Journal of Contemporary Dada Writing & Art, three rooms press, NY

2018/19-  Queer Plume, Fugitive Diaries,  - colomnist,  IS magazine

2015-       “We Go Back to the Future to tell our Story”- in anthology, “now not now” Vienna Arts Acadamy

2012        "FUGITIVE ARCHETYPES OF RESISTANCE: a metamorphic narrative"- on black women, sci fi, and resistance, - in anthology 'Little Book with big visions:

                How to be an artist and revolutionize the world' witnessed press

2010       “DECODE/RECODE” , Generation X anthology of poetry and short stories

2008        “LOCATIONS OF THE MOTHERSHIP: The black female subject as site of resistance”, 'New Feminisms' anthology

2007      “IS SHE A BOY? Journals from life on the tour”, Female Consequences. Feminism, Antirassismus, Popmusik, anthology

TBA.       "SkyPapers", novel -  Feminist Press, New York, New York

* I have been publishing work regulary since  late 90's (ie kaliedescope, in DOUBLE DAY  book  anthology AFREKETE)



Audio/visual Anti-Lectures, Performances, Exhibitions (selected)

2020-  Anti Lecture on music &afrofuturism  (in association with University of Arts, Berilin, ZAK)

2020 - Intro to Cultural Skit-zo-frenia ,"Entropy" Expo, London,  "

2020- "Alchemy of Cuts" Audio Visual Piece(Soon to be lauched for public on Vimeo/Youtube, private link on request) - Disturbance Expo,  Lepzig, Germany

2020-  "Coffee Pot" - short film,  Black Women in Film festival Paris

2020-  Poetry Performance/ Runway (improv colloboration)-  La Bonne Facture, (la mode/ couture), Runway Show, Paris

2019 - "Getting To the Otherside : Featuring Peals"- Poetic sonic video,  Turtles Expo, Cites des Artes, Paris

2019- Audio Visual poetry set - featured poet Paris Lit Up, Paris

2019-  Sonic Poetry set -  Maison de Poesie Montpellier

2019- Salt water transmissions:queer lands of here remix, audio visual anti lecture , La General, Paris 

2019-  Poetry Performance,  Paris Lit Up Magazine Launch, Paris

2018/2016 Alien(s)kin: Daughter in another country squatting givovannis room,  Beta Salon, Paris, /American University Paris, Baldwin conference

2017  FAR: Deep sea Transmisions (sonic video presented @ “Black Market” event, Musee, de l’Homme , Docu-Kingdom Portugal

2014/15 - White Birch blues, sonic poetry video , vienna institute for arts research

2013 - We Go Back To The Future To Tell Our Stories,- audio/visual anti-lecture, Vienna Austria, Arts Academy

2012 - NPoem - sonic poetry video,London, England/Paris, France

2012 -Berlin Heros: Under Urban Skin – single screen audiovisual projection/ experimental doc installation as a part of Berlin Textures, Berlin, Germany

2012 -Alien seen/unseen- (camera/montage)- Multi-screen installation, collaboration with artist, Sinethemba, as a part of Berlin Textures, Berlin, Germany

2012- In the Seams, the Aesthetics of Freedom Expressed-documentary short based on Conference and workshop conceptualized and realized via myself and other pret-apartager artists/curators, Johannesburg, South Africa

2007-11- Locations of the M/othership: Black Female as Fugitive Archetype of Resistance, audio visual anti-lecture, NGBK, and Ladyfest, Berlin, Germany/South London Gallery, UK

 * I have been making experimental visual work/films since the late 90s,  those films and more recent films are distributed by THIRDWORLDNEWS REEL,

  CINENOVA, and archived in books on Black Women in Film

Discography (selected)

Jamika & the Argonauts

2020- (production ) DONTFEED REBOOTED -(album in progressions)

2014/16 DONT FEED THE GATE KEEPERS (album in progressions)

Zenzile singer songwriter

(singer song writer performer/live tour  2000-2018)

Albums Include:

2018- "PEARLS" video/ single 



2002 TOTEM