FAR narratives and other writings from the Archives

FAR narratives and other stories

Over the years I have been published in so many journals and anthologies that I have lost track  of most of them.   In this section are a few that immediately come to mind... and as time goes there will probably be more added. Downloadables will attached when possible, and can be made available on request.

I would like to bring to the floor a couple of publications which map the evolution of the FAR (fugitive archetype of resistance) Narrative as it relates most specifically to WOC (women of colour).

In 2012  FAR: a Metaphorical Narrative was published in the pioneering work: Little Book Big  Visions:  How To Be An Artist and Revolution the World. Click here to find out more about this book.

In 2013 a book "NotNow! Now ; Chronopolitics, Arts and Research,  anti-lecture essay FAR : We Go Back to the Future to Tell Our Stories.  This anthology documents presentations given at NOTNOW! NOW conference held in  in Vienna, one of the forerunners of contemporary discussion on  queer, anti-colonial, and feminist takes on western chronopolitics (the politics of time).    Click here to find out more.

The First short story I ever published KALEIDOSCOPE  was in the ground breaking  anthology Afrekete: An Anthology of Black Lesbian Writing, Anchor Books 1995.  Find out more about this book here

In the same category


Though the psychedelic short story, kaleidoscope  was published many years ago, I must dedicate a page to it because it was published  in the seminal, groundbreaking book edited by Kathy Mckinnely,  "AFREKETE".  This early work is in print along side luminaries Jewel Gomez, , Alexi De Veaux, Linda Velerosa Sapphire....   

Find this classic treasure ...


I am  a regular contributor to this New York based  DaDA publication (three room press), featuring wordist and artists from all over the world!  Fantastic  stuff.  Find out more here


 Published by the publishing company with a symbol for a name, Take Back The Narrative is a conceptual book of poetry including selected poetry/lyrics from the 1990s-2017.   Each section begins with a collage of headlines of each decade, introducing poetry written during that time period.     Full length copies are available here....

A Fluid Code

A Fluid Code  is a contribution to an important collection of work exploring the rise of Fascism in the west  (Opposing Colonialism, Antisemitism, Turbo Nationalism- ed. Marina Grznic, Vienna Arts Academy 2020 ).  You can find  excerpts and where to find the book  ...



One of the first published works which transformed into an Audio visual Anti-lecture*, In Locations of the Mothership  I began to explore WOC  fugitivity and agency via Sci-fi/Afrofuturistic tropes, literature, art, and mainstream media.  You can find this book here, Pdfs photocopies of this article can be available upon request. ...