jamika meets ZZ (the beginning)

Back at the eve / beginning of the 2000s  I began recording and touring with Zenzile: the first EP (and the very first 5+1) Jamika meets Zenzile (la rouge )--  finishing  some 20 years and tens of  thousands of miles on the road later with the single Pearls.  In between I have featured on Living in Monochrome, Zenzile & Jamika meet cello, Totem, Sound Patrol, Electric Soul, Modus Vivendi, Pawn Shop, and a number of other compilations, remixes and suchness.    

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In the tradition of the DIY Band, Jamika & the Argonauts were birthed first in  "cave" chez Manu Demangeon and then came three with Nick Robache in   "the cave" somewhere near the carousel-- quartier St Paul/ le marais.   Our music fuses rock, blues, hip hop, electronica, and sophisticated p(h)unky slam to create this all the way LIVE hybrid sound.   Our new album REBOOTED is out  ....

Music Archive : Helium Balloon Illusions + other collabs

 Hellium Balloon Illusions was released in 2007,  and is just now getting some reEAR play.  Co Produced by some Zenzile members, it was my first "solo" album, which i toured with Jamika & the Bordel Band.   Check out the album here  

Also on this list I wanted to include a DIY project that never actually took off, but we posted some pretty hot...

Recent Sonic Collaborations

I have had the honour and pleasure to work with many outstanding musicians including Vincent Segal,  Tony Allen, Nikki Mitchel to name a few.   Most recently I have collaborated with great genre pushing artists such as Malik Ameer Crumpler, check the album here.   Reverse Bullets (so nice i must mention it thrice:-) on their opus "Dream Pop Dystopia" check the album...