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ThINGS to avoid when fighting the “revolutionary” fight to keep from repeating the SAMOSAMO


Don’t inundate your self with social media television media news paper media showing black bodies dying— take a break from it.. Remember that the major thing that has changed between now and 50 years ago is that we now have cameras. Important to question the paradigm: is reality feeding media /media feeding reality? While it’s important to be aware and document, its good to balance it out. Though it may be hard to see now, there is and has been many great strides forward and positivity across “race” lines. To feed only on consumerist culture even within the land of the “political” is to end up malnourished and deflated— take care and keep faith- as Audre Lorde said “we were never meant to survive”. Understanding this we take away the power away from the structures that wish to keep us prisoner.

Black lives matter means Black LIVES, regardless of gender identification. Always speak inclusively instead of simply quoting the death toll of black men —use black people— do not fall into the trap of making this a dick against dick thing, contributing to the erasure of women, and otherwise identified people, supporting patriarchal hierarchies which are complicit to racist structures . To speak and think otherwise is to give more power to those structures.

Don’t be quick to call some one an ‘uncle tom’ because they don’t agree with your “conscious black” rhetoric. Remember it’s all about divide and conquer. Yes there are some folks of colour who are not politicised -who live perhaps- in a bubble where they can pretend to be untouched. However, just because someone has a difference of opinion, challenges your polemics, or has a different world view doesn’t necessarily make them a traitor. Remember that not so long ago, and still today among many of our ‘own’, so called radical black power folks held and still hold the belief that homosexuality is a white mans disease. Remember that not so long ago simply listening to or playing rock/punk made you less black. Happily, these ideas are being challenged on a more massive level than they were 20 years ago, but they still do exist. We are a diverse and ever changing people, to set up codes up blackness is a form of imprisonment that only gives power to the structures we wish to destroy.

Don’t spend too much time with the “white man” on your eyeball. Let’s take responsibility for our own actions. take care of yourself. Don’t give too much energy to the folks who say stupid things in order to protect their privilege. It’s wasted energy. Better to use that same energy to bring out the positivity and the force we have in our inter-connected and diverse communities. Also its important to realise that there is an interconnected-ness between all of us— despite the constructions of “race”. To act without this understanding is to support the very power structures we are trying to dismantle.

Don’t acquiesce to hate. Anger and rage are healthy when it becomes a tool for creativity and positive change. Anger can come from a place of love. Rage can come from a place of love. When it does, it’s more powerful. When you acquiesces to hate it can only eat you a live, and again give power to the very structures you are against .