National Quota

Running from the authorities
Because the authorities
Sent in the arms
To his country
As if the flying beast dropped
Manna not bombs
Now he has to flee
For his justice
As if the Terrorist are Angels and the Angels are Terrorist
Tell me what's this?
Again a wanted man in a hostile land
Another democratic scam
To keep the money in the hands
Of the rich man
With the lines that criss cross africa
drawn by colonist in berlin
Cheap labour so essential to the western
And the guns and ammunitions
Filling the food bins
And politicians using smoke and mirrors
Scape goating everything, but the real thing
All in the name of filling some
National quota
I saw the little baby
Flying out the window
From the fourth floor bungalow
Into the flashing sea of read below
And the sky that day in france it
Was darker than Atlantic
Like in 1993 in the Grey City
and 13 feet of black tape
was used
to restrain, to tame her and shame her
a cat in the corner
and little jack horner in his uniform
stuck is thumb in the pie
and watched her die
With the boats outside Italy
That dissapear mysteriously
And the dehydrated corpses
In the deserts between borders
Asylum cages' sadistic wardens
Death sentences given
To all those deported
All in the name of filling some
National Quota
No he No she No you No me
Just one world community